Thursday, June 21, 2012

Android's OS Jelly Bean Confirmed!

 Recently there was information that it would release it's next OS Jelly Bean around September. But now after this news on Google Play Store its Official now that the new Android OS is soon to be released for Google Nexus HSPA+.

The leaked information can currently be seen on the US Play Store when purchasing a Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ smartphone described as "soon the first phone with Android 4.1 Jell..." You get the idea.

Additionally, there's also an image showing just a bite of the visual changes present in Jelly Bean. That's a new wallpaper and a visually refreshed Google search bar on the homescreen. The picture is of low resolution, but still the changes are somewhat visible.

Reliance Introduces FRC 600 for New 3G Customers!

Reliance Mobile yesterday introduced a new data plan for 3G customers which is FRC 600, which will now offer 6GB data for a period of 90days. Recently Reliance slashed up its 3G price by 70% and now it has introduced a dead cheap offer for its new customers.

It's all cause of the low cost smartphones which also provides 3G and cause of which the prices of 3G data plans are also getting reduced.

Samsung Galaxy S III Explodes!!

Samsung Galaxy S III which was launched just few weeks back and is seems to be marked with the tagline "Designed for Human" explodes. The issue some of the persons reported were regarding issue. But still the cause of it is unknown.

The dead Galaxy S III is all over the internet already. Luckily the guy is unharmed and he got a new phone directly from Samsung, while the problematic unit has been sent to the company's headquarters for detailed investigation.