Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reliance Introduces FRC 600 for New 3G Customers!

Reliance Mobile yesterday introduced a new data plan for 3G customers which is FRC 600, which will now offer 6GB data for a period of 90days. Recently Reliance slashed up its 3G price by 70% and now it has introduced a dead cheap offer for its new customers.

It's all cause of the low cost smartphones which also provides 3G and cause of which the prices of 3G data plans are also getting reduced.

The First Recharge Coupon (FRC) will provide a data of 6GB for a period of 90days with an interval of 2G data every for every month i.e for three months. So guys if anyone willing to port to Reliance or taking Reliance Sim can avail this offer.

The details of the FRC 600:

Rs. 600 A Total 6 GB DATA for 90 Days*
* 2GB Per 30 Days x 3 Times
90 Days

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