Sunday, July 15, 2012

5 Must-Have Android Apps for Indian Users

Everyone downloads number of applications from Playstore. But there are some apps which you must have them on your phone if you're from India. Some of the apps includes for train search, pnr, tracking, std codes, free sms. etc., So today i have just got a collection of five best apps for Indian Users.

So here we go:

1. Free SMS India

This is the best app for sending free sms i have come across. I personally mailed the owner of this app to include Groups in this messaging app and in his next release he added groups. Its easy, simple and fast. And delivers messages instantly. It also supports many sites way2sms, freesms,160by2. So if you send sms from these sites you can download this app from Playstore

2. Disha

If you travel frequently by rail, then you should hav this app on your phone as it has everything you expect from Indian Railways like PNR Status, Find Trains, Runnin status, Book ticket, Train Schedule, Fares. So if you don't have this simple app, then download it from the Playstore

3. Sweet 'N' Spicy

To get the recipe of all the tasty indian dishes this Sweet n spicy is the best. It has everything from snacks to dinner. It is the largest collection of Indian Foods and Recipes powered by Sweet'N'Spicy has more than 4000+ recipes and 400+ video recipes spread across three major categories Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian to Vegan. Download from Playstore

4. NgPay

Ngpay is India's largest mall on mobile with millions of users.With ngpay on your Android device, you can book travel & movie tickets, shop for your favourite brands, send gifts and recharge your mobile & DTH set - anywhere, anytime. You can download ngpay from Playstore

5. Indicode

Its a good app which helps you to find STD code,POSTAL codes,VEHICLE No PLATE codes of India. INDICODE covers over more than 37,062 Area codes , 2571 STD codes and 974 vehicle number plate codes. You can download it from Playstore


Sonam Upadhyay said...

great list of apps...thanks for sharing this information...
further adding to this list...Mintm is a wonderful app which everyone should have for adding values to your shopping...I recently got a free mobile recharge n movie tickets for simply visiting places...try it n enjoy ur shopping...

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michael whelan said...

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