Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Genius launches Heeha 700 Camera & Gaming device for Kids

Among the slew of devices that Genius has introduced in the Indian market, some have been specifically designed for kids, such as the Kids Designer tablet.

Yet another Genius device catering to children is the Heeha 700, a portable gaming device with camera and AV out. This gaming device with a tech twist is for kids above six years of age. To keeps the youngsters glued to the screen, it has eight built-in role playing games. In all, there are 38 games, including 30 classic games and eight photo games. The device is shaped like a camera, and allows taking quick snapshots. Camcorder function records videos. It is supported by an SD card slot. The Heeha 700 can be connected to a TV; kids can play games, and also share photos or videos. The device tips the scale at 118 grams, excluding batteries. The Genius Heeha 700 is priced at Rs. 4,705 and is backed by a warranty period of one year. It is available ex-stock.

Sporting a 2.7-inch TFT colorful screen and built-in mic, the Heeha 700 has a 2-megapixel camera and a resolution of 160 x 120 video pixels. The DV function works when using the SD card and AV jack enables connecting the device to a TV. It’s easy to operate with embedded buttons for power on/ off, A button (Play & Confirm), B button (Shutter/Delete), album button (playback), volume functions and direction pad. The in-box contents are inclusive of Heeha 700 pocket game, three AA alkaline batteries, AV cable and multi-language quick guide.

"Today's kids like to explore and play more and more games. They like to see the gaming devices in different fonts and shapes. The Heeha 700, pocket gaming cum camera, is a wonderful gift that one can give to their lovely kids", said Sudhir S, Managing Director at Inspan Infotech. "Partners can sell this as a value added product to all their customers".

The Genius Kids Designer II Pen tablet launched earlier this year was designed for young kids between the age group of 3 to 8 years. The company called it an idea generator that is filled with creativity and excitement. The little ones can draw, write, paint and play games using the tablet. The Genius Kids Designer II is priced at Rs. 3,860, and comes with similar one year Genius warranty. It came with a series of fun games and a bundled stylus.

Tech isn’t only for grown ups these days. Mobile phones aren’t a piece of luxury anymore, and kids and teens are well versed with its uses. In case you own an Android device, you can child-proof it, and implement certain security measures.

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