Sunday, July 8, 2012

Warning!!! Internet may Shutdown on July 9 (Check Whether "U" are Infected!)

On July 9, many users will not be able to connect to internet dude to a malware called DNS CHANGER which has infected more thank 3,50,000 systems worldwide and from July 9 it will start working and users will not be able to use their internet from July 9. So, thousands may lose their internet on July 9.

The DNSChanger malware is a Trojan horse infection that at its peak affected approximately 4 million PC systems worldwide, with about 500,000 of those being in the United States. When installed, the malware changes the system's DNS server settings to point to a rogue DNS network set up by the malware developers. 

As a U.S attorney said in an FBI press release, the crooks "were international cyberbandits who hijacked millions of computers at will and rerouted them to Internet Web sites and advertisements of their own choosing -- collecting millions in undeserved commissions for all the hijacked computer clicks and Internet ads they fraudulently engineered."
Late last year, however, the FBI disrupted the ring and seized the rogue servers. And since so many infected computers relied on the servers to reach the Internet, the agency opted not to shut them down and instead converted them to legitimate DNS machines.

Running the machines costs the government money, though,so they're being switched off in July. If your computer is infected with DNSChanger then, the Web -- for you -- will no longer exist.

To Check whether you are infected or not

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on the URL (choose your language)
  3. It will say you are affected or not, if you are affected it will give you instructions to clean the malware
This is really important, and please share this information with your friends and relatives.
Image is taken from FBI Website

 The DNSChanger Working Group (DCWG), the body set up to oversee the servers, has created a Web site to help you diagnose your machine and, if necessary, remove DNSChanger. You can check it out at And it's probably not a bad idea to do so sometime before, say, July 8 (the DCWG says the servers will be shut down the following day).


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