Friday, July 27, 2012

Blind Mice Can Now See - Thanks To A Chemical Injected In Their Eyes!

Blind Mice Can Now See, Thanks To A Chemical Injected In Their Eyes!
Research has romanced eyesight restoration for long now, and if the latest news is to be believed, this love story did have a happy ending outcome. A multinational crop of scientists (from UC Berkeley, University of Munich and the University of Washington) have made some advancements which offers the easiest and the cheapest way to restore the light sensitivity of our eyes. A chemical- AAQ (acrylamide-azobenzene-quaternary ammonium) was injected into the eyes of blind mice and the results show that their vision has indeed been restored, though partially. Little quantity of AAQ can cause this effect for a few hours at a stretch, and is quite uncomplicated and less extreme than substitutive methods like stem cell therapy or synthetic implants.

Better forms of the chemical are being examined which can spread out its effect to several days as compared to a few hours, and the ultimate goal is obviously to advance the research such that the human patients could take advantage of this.

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