Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to Protect your Yahoo Mail from Hacking!!

Few days back, I came to know that many of my friends email accounts were hacked. But the point is now every sites like yahoo and gmail provides more security so that you get notified immediately whenever your password changes or whenever someone login to your accounts. So in today's post. I will show you, how to enable notifications of login so that you can get notifications whenever someone logins from your account, by this way you'll come to know someone is accessing your account and also they will not be able to login unless they will have your mobile. 

Follow below procedure to enable 2-Step Verification to protect your accounts :

  1. First of all, Login to your yahoo account with username and password.
  2. On top-left corner beside "Hi" Click on your account name and from the drop-down list select "Account Info"
  3. In Account Info Page, under Sign-In and Security, select Set up Your Second Sign-in Verification
  4. In Set up Your Second Sign-in Verification page, Enable the Check box Your second sign-in verification is turned on.
  5. Then you will be prompted to enter your phone number. Make sure you check twice when you enter your mobile number.
  6. After you finish 2-Step Verification, Select Update Password -Reset Info and add there an alternate safe email id which you can use whenever you forget your password.
  7. Click Done.

Now If anytime even you login you will receive a short code in your mobile which you need to enter inorder to proceed further. This way if someone tries to login to your account by using your password. You'll receive a code and you will come to know that someone tried to access your account and you can change your password.

This way your Yahoo ID will be safe, secure and Hack-Proof!!:)

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