Sunday, July 15, 2012

Officially XMBC Media Player announced for Android

This is sure to make more than a few Android-nerds very happy campers. Tonight, XMBC, the popular open-sourced media player app, has just announced that an honest-to-goodness, full featured, all-inclusive Android application is nearing a release. That means soon, Android users will be able to take full advantage of the media player solution, to stream locally stored media anywhere they can hook up their Android device. None of that rooting or funny business required. This is for everyone.

The XMBC Foundation has released the source code for the XMBC Media Player for the Android devices. The XMBC Media Player for Android will be a full-fledged multimedia player with support for popular audio-video formats. For using the XMBC Media Players, users will not have to engage any work-around with their Android devices. In coming weeks, the XMBC Foundations expects to see the first beta builds of the XMBC Media Player for Android being made available for public beta testing.

XMBC Media Player is available for several platforms such as Mac, PC, Ubuntu, Apple TV and even iOS. With the new extension to the Android operating system, the Foundation will put another feather to its hat. Only within a matter of weeks, we can expect the first working version to be available in the Google Play Store.


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