Sunday, July 8, 2012

Speed Up Acrobat Reader (Almost Like Notepad)

Whenever we try to open any file in Acrobat Reader, it takes more time for loading the software and then for the file. But what if, this PDF reader opens so fast and u finish your work just like notepad? Yes, actually it takes time for loading some plug-in which are not needed for just PDF reader. So if we remove those plug-ins then it will open quickly.

Follow the below Steps:

1. Go to the installation folder of Acrobat Reader (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat\Reader\ or in the drive where you have installed it.)

2. Move all the files and folders from the "plugins" directory to the "Optional" directory. (Use Cut not copy) and also make sure that the Acrobat Reader is not running. As it will not allow to copy files while it is running.

Now your acrobat reader will load very fast and almost as good as notepad.


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