Monday, July 23, 2012

World Of Rabbit The Dig Now Available for Windows Phone

 One of the favorite Symbian/MeeGo games is now available for Windows Phone and it’s free! World Of Rabbit “The Dig” is not only available on Windows Phone but it brought a few improvements with it.

Lets start with the basics for those of you not familiar with World of Rabbit (or WOR)

With the surface world overrun by robots, the rabbits remain far below, their underground world a safe haven from the rule of the robots up above. You have the task of building a new home for the rabbits, keeping them entertained and rested as they work, and digging ever downward to build a new rabbit empire and rediscover ancient rabbit secrets.

It’s you commanding rabbits to do your bidding to grow your empire while you keep them happy and content. It’s part strategy, part take care of your pet and a whole lot of fun.

World Of Rabbit The Dig Now Available for Windows Phone

The improvements that I have noted from the MeeGo edition are if you pinch to zoom it gives stats and more info about your rabbits, the rabbits sounds have changed when you pick them up and move them around. Plus there is now social interaction with your fellow players on the WOR chat boards!

While it is a pretty basic game I have personally spent many hours playing it and enjoying it. If you want to give a try you can download it here.

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