Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An App to Know about Medicines, an e-health store has launched a comprehensive generic drug search engine HealthKartPlus, which is a smartphone application that can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices.

HealthKartPlus claims that this app helps the consumers to find out about what medicines to take, their correct dosage and compare drugs by prices.

Using HealthKartPlus, people can know how prescription medicines work and understand the required precaution and side effects. The application also allows one to compare drugs by prices and choose the most cost effective generic drug for a given prescription.

Prashant Tandon, co-founder of HealthKart said, "HealthKartPlus is our attempt to help consumers understand their medicines. After downloading this application, they can now check for quality substitutes and learn about prices of medicines by simply accessing their smartphones."

He added, "HealthKartPlus is aimed at increasing transparency about medicines. For the same salt, many options may be available and the price can vary up to 70 per cent or even more in some cases. HealthKartPlus offers a vast number of different brands of drugs with detailed salt composition, mapped against other less expensive brands selling the same salt. This way, empowered consumers will be available to prevent anyone from misguiding them for personal gain".

The mobile pharmacy application can be downloaded both Google Play store as well as from Apple iTunes store.

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