Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BioDigital Human Explores Human Body Like Google Earth Explores Earth

We all are used to Google Earth’s interactive 3D experience to explore our planet Earth. In the same way, now BioDigital Human lets us navigate the internals of a human body in full-color and in 3D. To the common man, understanding how our body functions is critical to understand a new diagnosis or treatment method. The textual medical reference can’t be very helpful. So, BioDigital has developed the BioDigital Human on top of NVIDIA’s GPUs to let the user explore intricate details of human anatomy, so that users can see the body’s systems work in real time – be it pumping of the heart or expanding and contracting of lungs.

BioDigital Human Google Earth Body Nvidia

Medical students as well as professionals can use this as a great reference tool and doctors can use it to better communicate complicated health issues (such as breast reconstruction surgery) with their patients. An advanced version of this platform lets doctors or physicians annotate body systems particular to their areas of practice. For example, chiropractors and massage therapists use the platform to create patient-specific profiles that map and record an individual’s history of problems, treatment and progress.

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