Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5 Tips For Good Battery Life On Android Phones!

Android is best customizable OS, but its only drawback is battery life. Every android enjoys its OS but they suffer a lot when it comes to battery life. So today I will be sharing 5 tips for a good battery life on your Android Phones

1. Root Your Phone
Rooting voids the warranty but it increases its overall performance which helps improve battery life. If phone is rooted you can disable start up of certain apps which will reduce load. Rooting lets you add scripts and tweaks which boosts overall performance and battery life

2. Turn Off the Background Data
Yes! If your phone battery is draining quickly it probably might be the cause.  If you turn off background, you can see a great improvement in battery life. And if u like to chat you can use watsapp as it doesn't need background data to be on. You can turn off background data by Settings-->Accounts & Sync-->Uncheck Background Data

3. Turn Off Location Sharing
Another option that drains battery is location sharing option. You can disable this by going to Settings-->Location & Security--> Uncheck Use Wireless Networks

4. Reduce Display Brightness
Display brightness drains lot of battery life and you can check how much your display drains battery by going to Settings-->About Phone-->Battery Life, you can see amount it consumes. So keep display brightness to low. You can reduce by going to Settings-->Display-->Brightness Scroll to minimum and click Ok.

5. Use Wifi Instead of Data Network
If you have wifi, then its better to use wifi as many users reported that using Wifi drains less battery when compared to Packet data. So if you hav wifi, then switch to wifi from Packet Data.

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