Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wacth Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer

Paramount Pictures on Tuesday released the trailer for Paranormal Activity 4, which hits theaters Oct. 19.

The filmmakers haven't released plot details, but based on the trailer, the movie appears to pick up where the second installment left off, after a possessed Katie (Katie Featherston) kills her sister and brother-in-law and takes their baby. (The third film was a prequel.)

The trailer flashes back to the events of 2006 and then displays the tagline "All the activity has led to this." Footage with the date of November 2011 is then shown in which a teen girl is seen talking to what appears to be her mom.

"Since the new neighbors moved, in, all this weird stuff seems to be happening," she says.

She's later seen talking to a friend via webcam about her "creepy" new neighbors when all the power suddenly goes out and she realizes someone has broken into her house. A shadow appears behind her, and then the webcam footage ends abruptly.


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