Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sheffield Engineers Bring Technology That Detects Leaky Pipes

Damaged water pipes have always been a concern as they lead to wastage of a high amount of water and are difficult to detect. Presently, leaks are determined using acoustic sensing with microphones which detect the noise generated by pressurized water escaping from the pipe. This method usually lacks accuracy and is time consuming. Addressing the issue, Sheffield engineers have tried to improve the leak detection technology by developing a better method .

 Leak Detection By Identifying The Pressure Sound By Leaking Water

The idea consists of a pressure wave, generated by a valve fitted to a water hydrant which is rapidly opened and closed. The wave, sent along the pipe, sends back a reflection or a signal when encountered with an unexpected feature (such as a leak or a crack). Location and size of the leak can be determined by the strength of received signal. Leak determination includes various calculations such as the size of pipe, the speed of the pressure wave, and the distance it has to travel. The new technology not only saves time, but is also far accurate than the previous one.

Via EurekAlert (Image credits : Cnilocates)

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