Friday, August 24, 2012

New Malware Targets Blackberry Users - Says Websense

Security firm Websense has identified a new malware campaign that targets Blackberry users with a malicious attachment in fake emails.

The fake emails, crafted using content copied from legitimate emails from Blackberry, state that the recipient has successfully created a Blackberry ID.

To lure recipients into opening the malicious attachment, the fake emails say: "To enjoy the full benefits of your BlackBerry ID, please follow the instructions in the attached file."

Only 17 of 36 anti-virus engines indentify the attachment as malware according to scanning service

VirusTotal, according to a Websense blog post.

Analysis by the ThreatScope sandbox tool, which forms part of the Websense Cyber Security Intelligence Services, shows that running the attachment drops other executable files and modifies the system registry to start these malware programs when the system starts.

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