Thursday, August 9, 2012

Google Football Doodle Makes You A Goalkeeper!

Google has done it again; the fourth doodle has appeared on the homepage. This doodle makes the player a goalkeeper who has to save as many goals as possible made by the striker and the game gets over when three goals are scored against you.

The instructions are similar to the previous doodles, use the right and left arrows to move the goalkeeper and press jump whenever needed to stop the goals that are coming flying towards you. If your hands are still aching by hitting the keyboard in the previous games you can use your mouse to move the player and click to make it jump.

Google has done some serious work to bring the spirit of Olympics to the masses with these doodles. It started with 11 static doodles and in the past 3 days it has covered sports like slalom canoe, basketball and hurdle race. This doodle is being displayed on the occasion of Men’s bronze medal match today, the final match will be held tomorrow. Interesting fact, in the Olympics men’s football only three players above the age of 23 are allowed to play from each team, other players have to be 23 or below. No such age restrictions have been implemented in the women’s football. Playing this game has no age restrictions though, so ahead play the game and post your scores below for us to see.

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