Monday, August 6, 2012

Apple Plans To Develop an App Similar to Youtube

Beta 4 version of iOS 6 which was released to developers on Monday, has certain improvements and changes. One such change includes the absence of YouTube App. The app which came pre-installed in all the previous versions since 2007 will not be seen in iOS 6. Though the previous versions of Apple’s Operating System can continue with it. Apple told TheVerge that the reason for discontinuity is that it’s license to include YouTube in iOS has expired. But, YouTube is not banned in iOS 6, it’s just the app which will be unavailable. The users can still use it through Safari. To overcome the lack of a video-sharing app in the device, Apple is on it’s way to provide a new YouTube-like app in the App Store.

The decision is not very surprising as Apple has started separating its services from Google two months back, when it replaced Google maps with it’s own map app. Additionally, one could not see many updates of YouTube in past few months. All of us are hoping for a better replacement from Apple.

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