Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sony Might Bring Jelly Bean To 2011 Xperia Phones

Sony really ticked off a lot of people when they announced that they were no longer bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Xperia Play. Our comments were awash with many owners threatening to boycott Sony for this slight. Sony had themselves another PR nightmare last week when one of their spokespersons said that none of the 2011 Xperia phones would be getting Jelly Bean. They’re now attempting to fix that.

Sony informed angry Xperia owners today that they spoke too soon. They clarified that there has been no announcement in regards to the 2011 Xperia line and Jelly Bean. In fact, Sony is “actively investigating Android OS upgrades for all devices.” They also want to point out that they will still roll out Ice Cream Sandwich to the Xperia S and other 2011 smartphones as planned.

It’s important to remember that these phones may not get Jelly Bean. Sony may be investigating, but that doesn’t mean anything. They were investigating, and even released a beta ROM, Ice Cream Sandwich on the Xperia Play. That project was canceled after a few months due to problems getting the OS to run satisfactorily on devices.

Upgrading to the newest version of Android is always going to be a problem with OEMs. Google keeps on putting out new versions and leaves it up to the OEMs to make the hardware to support it. Some hardware just can’t support the extra power required by ICS or Jelly Bean. They also might not see your particular model to be worth it. It’s a tough world for Android users, but at least Sony is investigating.

With this, Xperia owners can hopefully put down the pitchforks and return to their homes. I’m sure the Xperia Play owners will still be throwing curses at Sony, but the rest of you can wait until we get official confirmation one way or the other. I would assume that Sony would at least upgrade most of their 2011 lineup, but it’s anybody’s guess at this point.

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