Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Skype Bug that send Messages to Wrong Contacts!!

A rare Skype bug is currently plaguing some users of the popular voice over IP software. A handful of Skype users reported that messages were not always reaching the contact they were addressed to, but instead landed in the message log of another of their contacts. Judging from the reports, it looks as if messages get automatically resend to another contact without landing in the inbox of the Skype user they were addressed to.

The majority of users who posted a message in the Skype forum reported that this has only been happening occasionally form them. It is obviously bad enough and a big privacy issue if private messages are somehow making their way to another Skype user, and especially though if the original sender and the random user receiving the message are not contacts of each other.

Many users are probably not even noticing that some of their messages are sent to another Skype contact, as they may only notice when they are contacted by that contact about the message. Have you experienced this issue on Skype? There is currently no workaround available.

Additional information about the hotfix update are available on the Official Skype website.


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