Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Social Networking Site 'Youflik' by 15 Yr Old!

Prithvi Raj S Amin (15), a class 10 student from Mangalore, India has created a social networking website of his own called Youflik and launched it on July 2nd at his school auditorium. The site had registered 300 members within 24 hours of it's launch.

The young lad was quoted as saying "I never expected that I will complete this site so soon and launch it today. It is my dream project. More features will be added gradually, I will make a mark in web designing. I am very happy and overwhelmed that finally my dream project has turned into reality.The first day, the server crashed as it could not handle 300 members. Now I have purchased a better server space which can support close to 50,000 members." He continued, "The site has small glitches and I am rectifying it on a day-to-day basis. This is a learning experience for me."

The site looks a lot like Facebook and he did "flik" the "Y" from Yahoo!'s logo.
Widgets available on Youflik :
  • Online friends(displays your online friends) 
  • Recent viewers(Who viewed your profile recently) 
  • Friend's Trail(displays your friends activities) 
  • Recent Pages(recently created pages on Youflik) 
  • Shoutbox(Acts like an lobby chatroom) 
  • Connect with friends(Friend Finder) 
  • Recent events 
  • Upcoming events
Only time can tell us whether it will be a success or not!
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