Friday, July 6, 2012

12 Most Interesting Sites!!

While surfing internet, I came to many interesting sites which were unique. I mean the way they're meant for. If you surf internet you'll get lots and lots of sites every other day some could be useful and some could be unusual. Even if you're bored!! You can surf these sites and i Promise!! Some of them will make even your mood better. So today, I will be sharing those list of interesting n unique Collection of sites.

1. When i first saw the name of the site. I thought it would be something different of course the name itself is. In this site you just need to pick your mood and click "Take Me Away" and see what i gives you back.

Visit : Wild Mood Swings

2. The freedome to work where ever you might be. This nifty little app. lets you access your PC remotely, by using your cell phone or any other PC.

Visit: Soonr

3. One of the most fun sites on the internet in my opinion and one of my favourites. Literally learn how to make anything yourself from how to make a tablet PC from an old laptop to a fire truck camping car. It’s all here and there is 1000s upon 1000s of ideas and instructions.

Visit: Instructables

4. We have all come across those sites that force you to login or register before you can access them. It can be annoying and time consuming and then there is the issue of spam. This is where bugmenot comes in. Simply search for the address in the search box and press get me logins and you will hopefully be provided with a user name and password for that site.

Visit: BugMeNot

 5.  One of those amazing websites that allows you to bypass any blocked websites on the server. Great for work or school.

Visit: IBypass

6. Its one of the most addicting site, because it has an a most addictive game. Yes! Canvas Rider is an addictive game where you ride a bike on tracks drawn by other players. It's entirely written in JavaScript & HTML5, using the most of the new element. So when ever you're bored just go through this site and play the Game!

Visit: Canvas Rider

7. I am sure you are going to be using a lot is Flash Earth. It is more of an experimental application that uses the satellite imagery from many different sources, in order to give you a feel for the differences between all of them.

Visit: Flash Earth

8. This is a web based photo editing tool. You have all the tools that the professionals have at their disposal, without having to run the application on your computer. A very nice program.

Visit: Splashup  

9. This website provides you with a temporary email addresses that expire within 10 minutes. For those nasty websites that ask for your email for verification, but just end up sending you a bunch of junk in the process.

Visit: 10 Minute Mail

10. This cool website allows you to browse through billions of archived websites. You can type in any URL and view the website when it was first created until now. Try it; put in Google and see what you get.

Visit: Way Back Machine

11. Another site I go to to make myself feel better. It’s a blog that is just a bunch of photos and videos of cute animals. Kittens, puppies, hedgehogs, just all around cute things. Guaranteed to make a grown man go “awwww! that’s adorable!” 

Visit: Cute Overload

12.  I find this site to be a great daily exercise. You click “Go” and then a single word appears as a prompt. Then you free write for 60 seconds. You can include the word or write the first thing that pops into your head about the word—the whole point is to not think and just write. Guys who love to write and write and want to learn something will surely love this great site.!

Visit: One Word

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