Tuesday, July 31, 2012

London Olympics Google Doodles so far

Olympics is one of the largest sports events on earth. This years Olympics are being held in UK. What better way for Google to celebrate this event than with Google Doodles.

As it turns out, Google is issuing a new Google doodle everyday with some Olympic sport or other. So let’s have a look at London Olympic Google Doodle’s that have gone by, and lets look forward to some more of these cool doodles!

London Olympic 2012 – Day 1

London Olympics 2012 Women’s Archery – Day 2

London Olympics 2012 Diving – Day 3

London Olympics 2012 Men’s Ring – Day 4

Google has traditionally been known to feature famous events, festivals and even personalities on it famous Google Doodles. Stay tuned for more Google Doodles and interesting trivia!

Source : Crunchedd


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