Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Airtel kept Customers Connected Through The World’s Biggest Blackout

It is nice to see that Airtel network did not go down during this power crisis in India.

But when nothing worked in the states where power failed, how did Airtel manage to keep network up? We decided to investigate further and contacted Airtel spokespersons.
Here is what telecomtalk found out:

a) As soon as grid went down, backup power usage at network switch hubs was managed very carefully. All non-essential personnel were sent home to keep usage down to a minimum.

b) During normal days diesel is filled in the generator every 12 hours, during the power failure it is being filled every 4 hours.

c) Network team is working extra time to make sure that there is absolutely no outage at switches.

As you can see in the tweets we have shared below Airtel customers in North India are happy that they had mobile connectivity during this crisis.

Source : Telecomtalk


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