Saturday, August 11, 2012

Samsung, Virgin & Boost Announce ‘Big Mobile News’ Event On 22nd August In NYC

Samsung has teamed up with mobile carriers Boost and Virgin Mobile to come up with something new on Wednesday, August 22nd in an event which is yet untitled, but speaks of some “Big Mobile News”. Many of the Tech sites are receiving invitations from these companies to attend this even without fail. Now you are sure to be bombarded with all sorts of guesswork and rumors about this big summer event, but the invite doesn’t speak much. So, we are thinking it could be a tablet, a smartphone or even another phablet, you never know.

As prepaid carriers are involved this could a similar to launch prepaid version of phones similar to like as AT&T releases separately with its connection, So it could be a prepaid version of Samsung Galaxy SIII guesses TechnoBuffalo. Whatever it is, we will be patiently waiting the next 12 days and bring you more updates as and when they pop up. Stay tuned.

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