Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Use Your Android Mobile as a Webcam!

Everyone today needs a webcam but to buy webcam which we use rarely is not good thing. But if you can use your mobile as a webcam will that save your money? Today I will be sharing an application for your Android Phone and also for your system, which will let you use your android mobile as a webcam.

Follow Below Steps :

  1. First of all, Download Droidcam app on your android mobile and install it.
  2. Next install an applications for your windows or Linux system, download it from here.
  3. After installing on both, Start the application on your android phone and also on your System.
  4. Next select option "Connect to Phone" from list of your System Droidcam Application. (Note: You can select wi-fi or USB or bluetooth but USB is the most easiest way)
  5. And now, click on the button "Connect", You'll find that on your android phone it has started camera.

That's it! Now you can select Droidcam from list on your Skype and you can use.

Note: To use it on other apps, download Manycam application for windows and select droid cam. Then you'll be able to use your mobile cam as webcam in every application.

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