Monday, July 9, 2012

Open RAR Files Without Software

To compress files and folders you need to use any archiving utility such as Winrar, to create a packed file with .Rar extension. The content in the archive should be extracted and uncompressed from the RAR file to be able to read it, in this step Winrar can interfere and do its job. In the case that we do not have any software utility to extract a RAR file, we need to use an Online application that can solve this problem.
Follow below steps to Extract RAR Files Online Without Software 
  1. Visit Wobzip Online Uncompressing tool
  2. Enter the URL or Browse a file from your Computer
  3. Enter the Password, if the file is protected
  4. Click Uncompress
  5. Select the file inside the archive you want to download and you can also share that file, using the link provided
Thats it! Now you can download that file or can easily even share with your friends.


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